Feeling Froggie? Life Cycle Weekly Theme for Preschoolers

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

This week we’re learning about Life Cycles!

Why did you choose this theme?

One of the most important things to me, returning back to school, was choosing an interesting topic. My preschooler loves science, especially animals, so I wanted to dive into lessons that would excite him. I also thought, January was the perfect time to explain cycles and seasons (which we'll talk about next week).

How do I explain "life cycles" to my pre-schooler?

Our lives are made up of different cycles. Cycles are stages that we go through in life, like when we celebrate your birthday every year, or your favorite holiday. Today, we're going to learn about life cycles. When animals and people are born, they go through different stages to become adults that have more babies who enter the life cycle, too! (Ex. baby, child, teen, adult, and elder). Let's learn more about a few animals and that will help us understand what life cycles are up close.

What activities did you do?

Read: On Monday, we started by reading a book about the life cycle of ladybugs. We made up a song to remember each stage, and enjoyed looking at the pictures. I love to start with literacy, because, personally, I feel it's the anchor of education.

Watch: Yesterday, we dove into the journey from egg to frog, which was very interesting! I prefer a multimodal learning experience that presents similar or the same information using different activities. Since we chose to read a book yesterday, I planned for us to watch a video on YouTube about the Life Cycle of a Frog, today. I loved the video, because it gave us a chance to see actual footage of eggs becoming tadpoles.

Create: After the videos, we reviewed what we learned using learning strips that had the stage name and a drawing (pictured below). We organized and reorganized them, "frog hopping" from stage to stage. I cut out a template of froggy parts for CJ to color and assemble, and we got some good, fine motor practice in, fan folding the frog’s arms and legs.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet "Kermit". Not only was this a fun activity, but we also we able to use this craft as a "toy". (My kids make toys from EVERYTHING!!)

Learning about life cycles? What tools did you use to break this concept down to your preschoolers?

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